Surviving The First Weeks

I was so excited for a new school year! I bough tons of stuff at Target (post to follow), laminated everything that stood still and revamped everything for my room. We had just around 2.5 weeks of in-service (I had to do new teacher orientation since I started in January). On Friday before school was set to start, the teachers were sent home because of the impending storm.

Then came Hurricane Harvey.

I was fortunate where I live because I did not have any damage. Houston and the surrounding areas got over 50″ of rain in 3 days time. People were being rescued in boats where there were normally traffic jams. It was a huge mess, but everyone worked together to make a bad situation a little lighter.

We finally started school two weeks later and I was SO EXCITED to see my kids. We weren’t sure what would happen on the first day since so many families were displaced, but this year has been great! We just finished our second week and music class has been rocking!

My third, fourth and fifth graders have been learning about instruments and ensembles. I have continued my choir and added a drum ensemble and they are pumped to join both of those groups. I am recruiting kids to be in band/orchestra/choir in middle school, plus getting them excited to sing and play instruments in class.

My babies (K-2) have been learning how to use their voices, dance, and play instruments. They have so much energy that I put my head down on my desk after Kindergarten. They are fun, but I have never started fresh kinders before…they’re babies! We dance and sing and move and do poems and pretend, and after that, we still have 40 minutes of class! 🙂

Kinder learned about the 4 voices: Whisper, Talk, Shout and Sing. On day 1, they learned with Sharkee (original name, trademark Kinder red group). He gave them examples and they responded. On day two, we used whisper phones to call up Buc-ee and ask him questions. We also learned “Deep in the Heart of Texas” because Buc-ee is the unofficial mascot of everything Texas.

and of course, we did an instrument cakewalk. Throw on some music, march around the circle and play the heck out of some jingle bells. They love it!

Our next rotation is fall themed! I’ll update on how it goes…it doesn’t cool down for fall here, so I anticipate a weather lesson incorporated into music class. 🙂


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