I’m Too Tired To Name This Post: November

Every good thing must come to an end. The energy that IĀ got from teaching the kids at the beginning of the year has finally caught up with me.

I’m so tired that I came home and laid on my floor for an hour. The cat fell asleep on my back.

November, also known as “Kids Are Jerks” and “Everyone is Puking” Months, is known for Thanksgiving. The problem is that once Halloween (and the following sugar coma) hits, there are only a few weeks left in the semester. You know it and the kids know it, which means they will not turn in homework, won’t listen and won’t care until after that Thanksgiving break. Keeping track of who was sick, who is in the nurse and who was sent to the office is tiring, especially if you tack on lack of internet (going on 4 days!) and extracurricular activities, you are spent by 10am.

To my future teacher friends (and current teacher friends, I don’t know who reads this!), take care of yourselves. This is my second semester teaching, but I already feel a little crispy around the edges. I come to school at 6:30am, spend my plan and lunch in the office or workroom, I spend every afternoon with lessons, concession stands, drama club or tutoring, then come home and work on school stuff until I fall asleep on the couch.

I have a problem.

How do you say no?

If you know me personally, you know I am non-confrontational. I don’t like making waves and don’t want people mad at me. I am a yes girl, as in I cain’t say no (Name that musical!) This applies to my personal life, as well as my professional life. For the record, I AM NOT COMPLAINING, I love my jobs and duties very deeply; I just have too many things on my plate, which I have realized.

Here’s what’s on Ms. Scheuerman’s Docket:

  • SWACDA, NEKMEA and KSMEA Honor Choir Students (require rehearsals, travel)
  • Pep Club (concession stands, incentive cards, shirts, placards for teams)
  • Drama Club (putting on a Melodrama in the Spring, costumes/props/lights/sound/sets)
  • Rehearsing 6 choirs
  • Teaching 4 hours of private lessons per week
  • Planning my best friend’s wedding (Maid of Honor, whoop whoop!)
  • Developing curriculum for 2 new classes next year
  • Decorating my classroom for Winter
  • Preparing for the 60 new students who signed up for choir in the spring (not including the 85 that are already in 7&8 grade choir)
  • Taking over for the NEKSMEA Middle Lever Honor Choir Chair
  • Serving on the LMS Site Council
  • Playing piano at the Lansing Correctional Facility for the Men’s Choir
  • joining PEO
  • balancing family, friends, pet care, house work, and my new car (Ford Fusion Hybrid, highly suggest)

Just remember; November is beautiful and the weather is great, but it kind of sucks in the school world. Dodge those flying germ sprays, take care of yourself and go home and watch two hours of How To Get Away With Murder, you deserve it.

Remember, it’s all for the kids!