Choir Council: Getting Students Involved

My kids are better at my job that I am most of the time. They have such great ideas that I never think of; they don’t have a formal training that has put the traditional dos and dont’s in your mind, limiting creativity.

When I was in school choir, you stood on the risers, sang, then left. There was no crazy dance moves, minimal talking to the audience and it was a traditional choir concert. This is where I learned my discipline that I teach my kids.

What I have learned from my kids is that we can loosen up; music is about creativity! Concerts are to show off what we do in class, which is have fun! There can be decorations and dancing and costumes and props and skits and other fun things that create a well-rounded experience for my singers.

I have started a choir council to help plan our Christmas/Holiday concert in December. Kids applied to be on the council, since we meet during their study hall. I would only take students who had good grades because they wouldn’t need the study hall for the few days we met.

We had two brainstorming sessions, and now all of our business will be taken care of via Google Classroom. During the brainstorming session, kids threw out ideas for songs, choreography, costumes, decorations, program design and other aspects of the concert. My intention is to give them ownership and responsibility of the program. They applied to be on committees such as the Costuming committee or the decorations committee, and they would plan, prepare and execute these things (with my advice, of course, they’re still in middle school!)

I won’t give all the details away yet, but here are some things they have already come up with:

-Each choir (a total of 6) will have a holiday-themed name

-We will have an audience sing-along, led by student conductors.

-We might decorate the stage with large wrapped presents and lights.

-The kids want our principal to dress up as Santa (we’ll see if that happens!!)

-We will sing a variety of pop, traditional and sacred pieces, while also highlighting a German students’ culture to sing in German!

More ideas to come, this is just a taste!