Brighten Someone’s Day Wall


Originally I started the “Brighten Someone’s Day” wall to cover up a blank white wall. I thought that a few kids would write silly things, then someone would draw something inappropriate and I would have to take it down. Boy, was I wrong.

My kids continue to surprise me. The feeling they have and how they interact with each other are amazing. Many times they can’t understand what they want or know how to communicate things, but this wall proved me wrong. This allowed kids to express themselves, encourage others and prove support.

I encouraged them to write on the wall, but no one really took me up on the offer. There was one day we ended class a little early so I could do dress fittings and one particular class filled it up when I wasn’t paying attention. I looked at the wall when they left and almost cried. Here are things they wrote:


After two class periods.



I had to graffiti too. Ms. Scheuerman <3 you!


And this…. We have a student who was struggling and someone wrote this for them.