Sick Days for Educators


There is a 1000% chance that your body will revolt on you during the school year. A kid will sneeze in your face or you will somehow come in contact with something nasty that will knock you off your feet for a few days.

I have had the pleasure to already have to use two sick days. In so many words, it sucks. Not only do you feel terrible, you still receive a million emails from school telling you what you missed and how far behind you are now that you’ve missed 8 hours of class.

Here is what I missed today:

-6th grade supervision

-5 hours of choir rehearsal (our concert is 3 weeks from today)

-2 classes of Music Appreciation (our midterm is Friday)

-I have rescheduled 6th grade choir twice for pep club and today for being sick.

-My pep club concession stand, ┬áthat I am in charge of, is in disarray because I couldn’t organize it today for the volleyball game.

-Organizing a pep club float for the high school homecoming parade next week

-Recording students for the KMEA All-State Choirs and the SWACDA District Choir

PLUS, I sat on the couch and worked the entire day. I would be better off just feeling like I’m dying at school.

There is always something that goes wrong with sub plans; Google Classroom doesn’t work, the internet is down, there is an assembly or something that throws off the schedule, the lions escape from the zoo and runs through the school…..

You have to try as hard as you can to stay properly hydrated, sleep enough and antibacterialize as much as possible, but you will still get sick. It will still suck, but everyone will understand. Kids will be supportive. Take care of yourself first!