Flipping the Music Classroom

I have always wanted to try flipping my music classroom simply to see what all the fuss is about. We talked about it at K-State and many of my music colleagues felt that it would never work. I’m here to say that it CAN be done, you just need to get creative!

Unfortunately I had to be sick today. I have a cold that is kicking my butt. Luckily I had an in-service day yesterday that allowed me to make some videos to upload to Google Classroom so my students wouldn’t miss out on my lecture.

I design packets that students must fill out during the video. The nice thing about a video is that they can stop and start it as needed. The packet includes guided practice, notes that they fill out and keep for future tests and a quiz review at the end.

I used this for a lecture for my 7&8 Grade Choirs about rhythm and key signatures. We have been discussing the basic elements of music in class and this is where we have gotten so far.

I will debrief with the kids and see if they like this format. I have been doing a modified flipped classroom with some of my 6th grade units in music appreciation, which has worked well. I will post all of these items as examples. It is perfect? No, but it works when I take a lot of cold medicine and would rather sleep on the couch for the day 🙂

6th Grade Music Appreciation

Instructions: Watch 8 videos (total) from the South America Playlist and the Asia Playlist. Using the content of the videos, write a 3-4 sentence paragraph about each video, explaining what is happening in the video, which country this tradition is from and how it may relate to your life. Please use complete sentences, proper punctuation and do not use text speak! Submit via Google Doc

Asia Playlist

South America Playlist

7th Grade Rhythm Video and Packet

7th Grade Rhythm Packet (from various sources)

Rhythm Video Lecture:

8th Grade Key Signature Video


The problem with making videos is that it is super awkward. When you don’t wear make-up, you can tell!  When you have a vocal tick (I say “awesome” and “you guys” all the time) you notice!

Overall, it is nice to do video lectures, plus you don’t have to re-do them and you can keep them for years if you want!