The First Week of School

Hello Fellow Teachers!

I am in my third week of school (we had a short first week) and I have a few things to write about.

First of all, I LOVE my classes. I feel like the luckiest teacher in the building because I have such a fantastic group of students throughout all my classes. I have 4 choirs, a study hall and 2 music appreciation classes and all of them work together, support each other and are willing to learn. True, there are a few kiddos who are testing boundaries right now, especially with talking and not turning in work, but overall I believe this is going to be an amazing year!

Second, I want to give a shout out to my BIST training. BIST (Behavior Intervention Support Team) is a fantastic classroom management resource. This program does not replace classroom management skills, but offers assistance and guidance for those students who are hard to reach because of their missing skills such as the thought of being ok even when other are not. Most behavior issues stem from a cause, which usually  is not you. It really helps to know that; it’s not you! If you have questions about BIST, please let me know and have your administrators look in to it; it has helped my school!

Thirdly (is that a word?), I have changed a few of my grand plans. Some worked well but some didn’t.

-I used color coded folders for classes. I purchased cheap paper folders to distribute handbooks and handouts on the first day. My room looked so organized and beautiful on the first day…and quickly died. The kids were allowed to leave them in the room (in color coded bins) but some took them, some left them and some lost them. As great of an idea it was, it did not work. Back to the drawing board….

-I am now the advisor for 6th Grade Choir (extracurricular), Show Choir, Pep Club, Drama Club, Singing Club and I will serve on the SITE council. This puts me in charge of two extra ensembles, maintaining and producing a drama club which culminates in a production in the spring, and managing the pep club with incentive cards and a complete concession (Sams and I are BFFs now). It is to be determined if I will buy a bed to put in my office to just live at school. I’m excited for the opportunity, it just feels like a lot!

-Bell Work. I had a grand scheme of having it every day…that works in classes where kids bring books and writing utensils. I am continuing to work on making bell work worthwhile.

Fourthly (I’m making up words now), I have a fantastic support team at LMS. My principals join in on drum circles, my art teacher helps with school beautification, the science teacher and I chaperoned a MS dance and had a blast. I am so lucky.

The science teacher and I chaperoning and working the concession stand. I had earplugs in, but I think hers were more effective!

The science teacher and I chaperoning and working the concession stand. I had earplugs in, but I think hers were more effective!

School rocks. Teaching music is the best. Middle school is fun. 🙂

For those of you going back to school, in the words of the Red Green Show, keep your stick on the ice.

In the words of Airplane, “Remember, we’re all counting on you.”

Have a fantastic week!